Ace 2.2 available – Discover all the news !

  • Visualization of contour lines on your assemblies (visible in 2D export)
  • Import 3D files directly into the product tree to facilitate variant testing around the same system
  • Adjust the position of the pivot point from the 3D scene – better manipulation of the object
  • Enlarging or narrowing the geometry of the object directly from the 3D scene
  • Filtering the enclosing volume or the minimum volume
  • Dedicated space for the management of transparent parts
  • New 3D export format (JT / STEP).
And at the same time, we optimized the performance of the software :
  • Faster loading of large assemblies
  • Optimized execution speed
  • Better management of the battery on laptop.
Also, we opened a new distribution channel via the Windows Store. Learn more.




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